The pin punch is used in factories, automotive shops and other industries to loosen and remove wedged pins and keys from machinery parts or tighten then. Long - nosed pin punches are specially designed for hard - to - reach places.


The pin punches and long pin punches are made with high carbon, cold - draw, hexagonal steel and have a Rockwell hardness (HRc) of 45 - 47. These tools do not require any special maintenance, as there is no cutting edge to sharpen.




When drilling a hole in metal, center punches are essential for ensuring accuracy. Using a mallet and the precision ground point of the center punch, the user starts the hole and thus prevents slippage of the drill.


The center punch is made with high carbon, cold - draw, hexagonal steel, is forged and heat - treated, and has a Rockwell hardness (HRc) of 43 - 45. The point can be resharpened with a grindstone of grain 46.